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The Mission of Prospect House is to provide high quality drug and alcohol treatment in a long-term residential setting to men without money, insurance or other resources.
We strive to lighten the burden for these men, to bring sobriety within reach and to help rekindle dignity through self-respect and self-support.

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Since 1970, when it was founded, Prospect House has been and will remain an abstinence-based program, providing a safe environment to learn a whole new way of life, not colluding with the disease of alcoholism/drugs by rushing the process.

Our Vision is that our future at Prospect House will be one of healthy growth nourished by our conviction in our work and singleness of purpose. We will spread the word about our good works and run our operation so our successful programs, continue to be a resource for our community, providing jobs, services, and sobriety as a destination of choice…one day at a time.

Prospect House furnishes the necessities of life to these men while they actively seek a new way of life marked by sobriety and self-support.

The residents of Prospect House live in an alcohol and drug free environment, and participate in individual and group counseling. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held on the premises, and residents freely attend as part of their own personal recovery.
We hope to lighten the burden for these men, to bring sobriety within reach, and help rekindle dignity and self-respect.


We strive to lighten the burden for these men...