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The Prospect House Clinical Services


Prospect House provides abstinence-based long term residential treatment for men experiencing drug and/or alcohol addiction.  Our program was developed to meet the needs of men who often arrive with little to no resources.  Services are designed using the Biopsychosocial model to meet the needs of each resident and assist them in rebuilding every facet of their lives.

Residential treatment includes group and individual counseling.  Special programing to address specific needs within the addicted population.

Family Prospects

The ripple of effects of addiction can have a profound impact on everyone it touches.  We are here to provide help and support to the families, friends, and loved ones of people who are or have struggled with addiction. Every situation is unique but the desired outcome for everyone is healing, growth, and recovery. We provide education, counseling, support and resources for the whole family, couples, and individuals in the family. 

The Black Support Group

Founded by Roger Zellars

For African-American people developed and run by African-American people.

The Black Support Group was started on January 15th, 1988 by the Prospect House staff who felt that in order for African-American people who struggle with addiction to reach recovery they must address the unique cultural issues they face along the way.

The Compulsive Gamblers Group

People who share their strength and hope in finding a better way of life without gambling.  Supporting people out of destructive behaviors due to compulsive gambling.  The group was created to help other through sharing experiences and learning the skills needed to no longer be a slave to compulsion.  The group is focused on solutions and changes in attitude and behavior.

Life After Bars

The purpose of this group is to deal with attitudes, issues, and behavioral patterns that shape our lives. Struggling with chemical dependency and being an ex-offender comes with unique challenges.  If you have a desire to change and be supported by your peers, please join us. With willingness comes hope, and through change we regain self-esteem and know serenity, and only through change will we know true freedom.

Welcome Home Groups

Founded by Roger Zellars and Sonny Richardson

Together we remember, we share, and we grow

The “Welcome Home Group” formerly known as “After Nam Group” was founded in June 1988 by two in-country Vietnam Veterans who felt in order for the veterans to address the PTSD related issues that often come from military service, the veteran must be free from mood altering chemicals.  We promote a recovery process which recognizes the correlation between both illnesses.

Sharing our strength, hope, and understanding together we ease the pain and grow in our recovery. We learn to live with our memories and help one another along the way.

Focus Group (Relapse Prevention)

Residential group designed to educate on the warning signs of relapse, become aware of behavioral patterns, and develop relapse prevention plans to aid in long term recovery. Meeting with peers and sharing experiences and working towards a common goal, long term recovery from mood altering chemicals.

ReEntry Group

Residential group specific to our returning population.  Recovery is a process and along the way there can be situations in which we need to return to treatment. ReEntry Group addresses the reasons people struggle with remaining sober once they leave treatment and help each member create a plan and develop the skills needed to be successful going forward.


12 Step Recovery Meetings

Sunday @ 6 pm In-house AA Meeting

Tuesday @ 12:30 pm Big Book (Open Discussion)

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday @ 6 pm Beginner’s Meetings (Open)

Wednesday @ 7pm In-house AA Meeting (Open Lead)