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Family & Couples Therapy

We provide ‘whole family’ therapy - unlike most addiction recovery facilities which offer ‘family involved’ counseling. Once started, we continue to see families as long as needed, even if their loved one relapses

Therapy, also known as counseling, is a process of change in which you, your family and your therapist will collaborate to identify areas the family wishes to work on and improve in life.  It is important we establish what is called a ‘therapeutic relationship’, which is one that you and your family feel safe and thus able to open up about your concerns, inner experiences, and life situations.  We will engage in treatment goal setting, which the therapist will guide based on the problems and concerns the family has, as well as its aspirations for change and growth.  Through a combination of talk and creative ways of communicating, we will explore for insights, investigate patterns, and define the family’s strengths, values, and needs.  The therapist will teach, model, and practice with you what are called ‘interventions’ to equip you with the coping skills, tools, and solutions for your family to make the changes needed to achieve its goals.  


For this process to be most effective, we ask that you and your family share honestly, give us feedback on what is helpful or not along the way, and try to implement the skills and ‘tools’ in your daily life.



Expectations of Family & Group Therapy:

As a result of the hard work you and your family put in to your treatment, your relationships may improve greatly, as communication and family dynamics improve.  Personally, you may feel an increased sense of capability, self-confidence, and a better mood as therapy progresses.  Overall you and your family may experience a true sense of healing, have more hope and happiness, and find ongoing recovery with supportive community.


However, as change is usually difficult, participating in therapy can include discomfort and strong emotions, especially when discussing difficult events and experiences. It’s common for intense feelings and greater challenges to emerge for you and your family before feeling relief. This is usually very natural. 


Personal growth and change is a journey, and different for each of us. As trauma-healing based therapists, we attune to you and your family’s pace, allow you to share as you feel able and ready, seek to be a witness to your experience, and strive to create a safe, trusting relationship with you and your family.