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We seek to collaborate with other professionals who serve patients receiving treatment for substance abuse. Let us work with your patients’ families to help them heal and recover from the effects addiction has had on the family system.

Family Program Goals:

•       Educate families and couples on addiction and recovery 

•       Improve the relationships, functioning & overall well-being of families

•       Initiate families into their own recovery process (e.g. Al-Anon)

•      Improve relationships between patient and family whenever possible

•      Positively influence your patient’s sobriety & recovery 

•      Improve mental health & functioning of specific family members & reduce drug/alcohol abuse


Our Services:

We provide outpatient services to families as a phased program:

Phase I

Education Groups

Phase II

Family Therapy

Phase III

Ongoing Recovery & Support e.g., Al-Anon

All Phases

Life functioning support & referrals

Family-based social activities & programming


What Makes Us Special:

·  We focus holistically on the family as a system vs family-involved therapy offered by SUD treatment programs

·  Family is defined by the patient and its members and can evolve over time

·  No time restrictions:  We are able to work as long or as short a time as a family needs

·  We can collaborate with you for treatment and team meetings, including interventions to resolve family conflict and repair relationships

·  Our expertise is focused – we only treat families who have been affected by addiction


Who We Are:

Licensed counselors located on the campus of Prospect House in Price Hill, a men’s long term residential recovery facility successfully treating addicted/alcoholic men for 50 years.