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When Andy G. came to Prospect House, his only asset was a rap sheet about as long as his arm. After he underwent treatment at Prospect House, he stayed involved with the house while he finished a GED, and began college.  After graduating, Andy began work as an educator for various local social service agencies, including AVOC, now called Stop AIDS, where he did very successful outreach work calling on his music knowledge, street smarts and DJ skills. He now runs his own business, remains in good recovery, sponsoring others and continuing the outreach his sunny disposition impels him toward.

John E. with an M.B.A., and with an impressive past resume, having run departments in various local banks, and having worked at an administrative level in the hotel business. None of that skill and experience availed him the ability to not drink, until he experienced our treatment program. After staying a good long time (2 ½ years), and after having successfully reentered the ranks of management in the restaurant industry. He has continued to be involved with Prospect House in nearly every way imaginable since completing the program. He has been very successful, attracting family foundation donations, organizing a golf outing, and his sobriety is also continuous since his admission here.

Scott H. entered Prospect House. When Scott came to us he had more than a few legal problems, which he worked through, with a good attitude and good help from his counselor. When he was put into Phase II we noticed how many things he knew how to do. He had training in landscaping, was a good carpenter, and seemed to know how to do wiring and plumbing as well. We tried him out as an assistant maintenance man, and it was not long before he became the head of the maintenance department.   Despite having moved on from Prospect House and having started his own business he continues to visit, sponsor, and support the new men in the house.