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Addiction has torn down the house, it’s time to rebuild.


After a family finishes the Education Groups, they can begin family counseling and engage in additional Family Prospects events.  A family therapist is assigned to help the family define and work on its goals. Everyone is unique in their goals. Some want to work on reunification, some on communication/coping, and some want to be able to coparent effectively without conflict. There is no wrong reason to seek help.

Also, if the family wants to mend the relationship with the alcoholic/addict in treatment, we have experienced professionals to guide them through the process.


We believe families that come to believe in a recovery mindset, which usually includes Al-Anon, leads to the healthiest families.  This is because families find hope, support and help from each other as they continue their growth and achieve well-being, whether their loved one drinks/uses or not.